Faye Walton Landscape Architect

I have always had a passion for art and design and knew that I wanted to use my creativity to shape the built environment through landscape. My inspiration is to create places and improve people’s quality of life. I look forward to broadening my knowledge and experience in landscape and urban design at Vector.

Vicky Flintoff Interior Designer

I was amazed by how disused and often neglected sites could be developed into a new concept. I carried this respect for the existing site throughout my interior architecture degree and am thrilled that I can now develop my skills through a fantastic opportunity to work in the industry.

Joe Ridgeway Junior 3D Visualiser

Since leaving SSR Manchester in 2016 with a music degree I’ve been wanting to take my knowledge of software / use of creative skills further and into a career. My interest has now moved towards 3D modelling. In my spare time I like to snowboard, create electronic music and enjoying travelling to different countries.     

Stuart Kemp Senior 3D Visualiser

I was inspired to become a 3D Visualiser through watching my father sketching buildings, coupled with a curiosity about computers. To bring ideas to life through CGI is a dream job. Having lived all over the world working on different exciting projects, to be able to continue doing this at Vector is a rewarding experience.

Corey Brown Interior Designer

Studying design based subjects throughout my education coupled with a long standing interest in architecture and design has led me to where I am today. Since drawing from a young age, my skills have kept developing allowing my design to really speak my mind. Outside work I’m a keen scuba diver, footballer and traveller.

Arjun Sharma 3D Visualiser

I have always had a passion for Art and Architecture, so obtaining the opportunity to become a Junior 3D Visualiser at Vector was unmissable. Being part of Vector will allow me to learn and develop valuable skills and also enable me to create industry leading photo-realistic visuals using our latest 3D software.

Gavin Darley Graphic Designer

I’ve been creative from as early as I can remember, whether it was drawing or music I’ve always been creating things or looking for inspiration that I can take into future projects. after leaving school I studied fine art at Hemsworth & Barnsley College before switching to computer based imagery and a career in Graphic Design.

James Tasker 3D Design Manager

I have always had an interest in design, from cars to fashion, and completed my architecture degree at Sheffield Hallam University. I have turned my interest in design more towards graphics, and now utilise my range of skills in 3D modelling and  Design. I am very fortunate to have a career doing what I love.

Kamil Bialas Senior 3D Visualiser

I’ve been interested in the computer games industry for many years and was drawn into 3D when I first found 3DS Max. My family are involved in the construction industry so from a young age I’ve been fascinated with buildings and architecture. Working at Vector has allowed me to create architectural CGI’s for many exciting projects.  

Laura Ford Graphic Designer

Having always had a great love for design, I went on to gain my BA hons at Sheffield Hallam University in Graphic Design. Working at Vector means I have been able to broaden my skills working with other designers whilst doing a job I love. I believe there is nothing better than making a difference through design.