Vector Design Concepts are an enthusiastic group of professional creatives based in Wakefield, specialising in 3D visualisation, animation, graphic design, interior design, landscape architecture and property marketing.

We pride ourselves on the wealth of knowledge that our in-house design team possesses and their ability to apply it to any challenge. If you are interested in any of our services or have any questions please get in touch.


Steve Banks Associate

I’ve always been creative so to work in the design industry has been a dream career choice. The role of 3D and animation in the design industry and the use of special fx in films intrigues me and having the skill to turn an idea into something three dimensional is very rewarding.

Adam Lingard Senior Graphic Designer

From as early as I remember, design has always been my passion. I genuinely love my job and the daily challenges it presents. No day is ever the same and I always feel very privileged to work on such a broad range of projects using a wide range of mediums.

Andy Sinclair Chartered Landscape Architect

I have a love for both rural and urban landscapes and a keen interest in all aspects of horticulture. My work allows me to engage in a range of projects from gardens and commercial development sites through to large scale masterplanning and public realm.

Ketia Fong Wah Senior Interior Designer

I genuinely love my job, it’s a great feeling to be able to create something from scratch and then develop and build a concept into something that can be enjoyed by others. I would describe myself as the weird one thatlooks behind things and under things to see how it has been constructed.

Stuart Kemp Senior 3D Visualiser

I was inspired to become a 3D Visualiser through watching my father sketching buildings, coupled with a curiosity about computers. To bring ideas to life through CGI is a dream job. Having lived all over the world working on different exciting projects, to be able to continue doing this at Vector is a rewarding experience.

Dan Wilkinson Landscape Architect

Inspired by my parents Wonderland style garden, a career in landscape architecture was unleashed. With over 15 years now in the industry I have worked on a wide variety of schemes and consider myself fortunate to do a job that I believe has a real impact on society and the environment.  

Kamil Bialas Senior 3D Visualiser

I’ve been interested in the computer games industry for many years and was drawn into 3D when I first found 3DS Max. My family are involved in the construction industry so from a young age I’ve been fascinated with buildings and architecture. Working at Vector has allowed me to create architectural CGI’s for many exciting projects.  

Laura Ford Graphic Designer

Having always had a great love for design, I went on to gain my BA hons at Sheffield Hallam University in Graphic Design. Working at Vector means I have been able to broaden my skills working with other designers whilst doing a job I love. I believe there is nothing better than making a difference through design.

Paul Uttley 3D Visualiser

My interest in Art and architecture led me towards a BSc in Architecture from Bath University, eventually working in a number of  practices as an Architectural Assistant I’ve been able to peruse my interests, uniting both through 3D visualisation.  Joining Vector has allowed me to follow my passion and turn a hobby into a career.

James Tasker 3D Visualiser

I have always had an interest in design, from cars to fashion, and completed my architecture degree at Sheffield Hallam University. I have turned my interest in design more towards graphics, and now utilise my range of skills in 3D modelling and  Design. I am very fortunate to have a career doing what I love.

Joe McCallion Assistant Landscape Architect

I’ve always had an interest in Art, Geography and Architecture and look back fondly on the nature walks that inspired me as a child. I decided to study Landscape Architecture, as it combines these three subjects. So far working with Vector I have gained valuable commercial experience as well as improving my soft landscape repertoire.

Gavin Darley Graphic Designer

I’ve been creative from as early as I can remember, whether it was drawing or music I’ve always been creating things or looking for inspiration that I can take into future projects. after leaving school I studied fine art at Hemsworth & Barnsley College before switching to computer based imagery and a career in Graphic Design.

Arjun Sharma Junior 3D Visualiser

I have always had a passion for Art and Architecture, so obtaining the opportunity to become a Junior 3D Visualiser at Vector was unmissable. Being part of Vector will allow me to learn and develop valuable skills and also enable me to create industry leading photo-realistic visuals using our latest 3D software.

Corey Brown Junior Interior Designer

Studying design based subjects throughout my education coupled with a long standing interest in architecture and design has led me to where I am today. Since drawing from a young age, my skills have kept developing allowing my design to really speak my mind. Outside work I’m a keen scuba diver, footballer and traveller.

Joe Ridgeway Junior 3D Visualiser

Since leaving SSR Manchester in 2016 with a music degree I’ve been wanting to take my knowledge of software / use of creative skills further and into a career. My interest has now moved towards 3D modelling. In my spare time I like to snowboard, create electronic music and enjoying travelling to different countries.     

Vicky Flintoff Junior Interior Designer

I was amazed by how disused and often neglected sites could be developed into a new concept. I carried this respect for the existing site throughout my interior architecture degree and am thrilled that I can now develop my skills through a fantastic opportunity to work in the industry.

Faye Walton Landscape Architect

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