Aldi Broughton Landscape Scheme

The landscape team have worked on many Aldi schemes over the years but unlike buildings that are instant impact, it takes time before landscape schemes are often seen to best effect.

Five years down the line from the completion of some schemes and we are now seeing the fruits of our labours rewarded as we are asked to carry out 5 year maintenance inspections at some sites.

Here at Aldi, Broughton the richness of colour and contrast of texture and form is evident within the planting beds alongside the attractive main walkway into the store and surrounding the car park. Landscaping when designed and maintained correctly can turn a budget store like Aldi into a premium experience for the user and help attract people into the site.

We at Vector Landscapes understand that our responsibility to our clients doesn’t end at PC and we always try to ensure that our schemes are designed to last and indeed to grow and flourish over time.